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Rate Changes 

   The market has been active since the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Canada announced interest rate increases.  The increases were not unexpected and have been highly anticipated for some time.   The main pressures causing the rush and rate of increases is the higher-than-normal rate of inflation.  Generally central banks like to keep inflation around 1-2%, however due to the increase in housing prices, pressure on commodities, and just general daily goods, inflation has been reaching highs that haven’t been seen for decades.  Volatility and declines in the market provide us with excellent opportunities for our portfolio managers to find good “deals” in the market as most companies are showing large increases in profit and revenue over the last 12 months. We will update you as the market conditions change.  If you would like to book a review of your portfolio or have any further questions regarding the market, please do not hesitate to reach out. 




    After nearly 5 years of searching we have found a new office to call home.   We have acquired a Heritage House in Murrayville, and will be moving our office there in June.  We are very excited to share a part of Langley History with you , and thrilled remain within this great community.   Our new office will be located at 4827 216A Street , right beside 5 corners ( just down the road from where we currently are.) We look forward to showing you our new space!       

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